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Most common supplements fail to be absorbed in the small intestine. Only a small percentage, depending on the type of active ingredient, ends up in the bloodstream and thus in the cells.

Our Liposomal supplements are absorbed almost completely in the intestine to arrive at their intended destination in your body.

The time of inferior supplements is over! We provide the liposomal boost you have been waiting for.

How is this possible? Through the use of nanotechnology in the form of liposomes whose building blocks, the phospholipids, naturally occur in our cell membranes.

Liposomes are lipid vesicles in which supplements can be encapsulated and through this be protected against the harsh environment of the GI tract. Like this, active ingredients are transported directly into the bloodstream.

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Actinovo Liposmal Coenzyme Q10 250 ml

Actinovo Liposmal Coenzyme Q10 250 ml£29.95

Actinovo Liposmal L-Carnitine 250 ml

Actinovo Liposmal L-Carnitine 250 ml£29.95

Actinovo Liposomal Glutathione 250ml

Actinovo Liposomal Glutathione 250ml£29.95

Actinovo Liposomal Vitamin C -250ml

Actinovo Liposomal Vitamin C -250ml£29.95

Actinovo Vitamin C + Zinc 250ml

Actinovo Vitamin C + Zinc 250ml£29.95

Liposomal B-Complex 250ml

Liposomal B-Complex 250ml£29.95

Actinovo Liposmal B12 - 250ml

Actinovo Liposmal B12 - 250ml£24.50

Actinovo Liposomal Magnesium 250ml

Actinovo Liposomal Magnesium 250ml£24.50

Actinovo Liposomal Ashwagandha Ginger 250ml

Actinovo Liposomal Ashwagandha Ginger 250ml£22.50

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