Physical therapy based on electrical stimulation.

1. The main function of dreamate intelligent sleep instrument is applicable to physiotherapy of migraine, insomnia and depression. It is a safe and effective health care equipment worn on the user's forehead. It uses external trigeminal nerve electrical stimulation (TENS) technology to activate endogenous morphine polypeptide neurons in the brain and cause the analgesic effect caused by the release of endogenous morphine like polypeptides to prevent and physiotherapy primary migraine.

2. Dreamate intelligent sleep device performs neural regulation by sending low-frequency pulses of a specific frequency to the target area responsible for the release of endorphins in the brain, and reaches the advanced center of the cerebral cortex through the supraframe nerve. They will regulate signals from various biological and physical channels, activate the human endorphin system and help the human body restore sleep function.

3. Studies have shown that insomnia is one of the common symptoms positively correlated with migraine. For patients with both symptoms, alleviating migraine can also improve sleep patterns and reduce insomnia. Dreamate intelligent sleep device is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry. It does not contain any chemical components. It is a pure physical therapy without any toxic and side effects. Experts suggest that frequent long-term use of migraine and insomnia patients will reduce the use of drugs and improve the quality of life of patients.

Product Features:

1. External trigeminal nerve electrical stimulation (TENS) technology and bioelectronics technology were combined with the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and physiotherapy mode;

2. Wearing it on the user's forehead can help the human body restore sleep function and greatly increase the deep sleep time;

3. By sending electrical stimulation at a specific frequency, pain relieving hormones such as endorphins can be released, thereby improving the tolerance to primary migraine.

4. Self adjust the output intensity of physiotherapy pulse. Use 30 minutes before going to bed to relieve pressure and sleep easily, so as to improve sleep quality;

5. Headwear patented design, high quality, convenient to carry physiotherapy; Imported quality, high-grade packaging, suitable for gifts and personal use.

6. Special TENS Technology, Nanoscale technology encapsulated VLSI chip: It adapts to the physical characteristics of more people, is effective, safe and comfortable, and can lock the use of gears according to their own feelings. Every detail is the embodiment of science and technology

7. No Medicines, No Injection:

    7.1. Adhere to the use, so that the sleep function can recover naturally

    7.2. Directly stimulate brain nerves to produce sleep factors

    7.3. Will not disturb the brain, use it continuously, and sleep if you want

8. Small and slim, Skin friendly materials: You can use it when you're free. It's easy to carry; Free from time and space restrictions

9. Whenever and wherever 24-hour full-time private doctor service: It is easy and convenient to use at will, completely improve the sleep quality, and let you really sleep properly.


Please stick to below 3 points for better healthy sleep:

1. Use for more than one cycle (28 days). Insomnia is a manifestation of the imbalance between body and brain health. It needs continuous use to have positive effect.

2. Please use as required: Use it at least twice a day. Please use the attached strap to fix it, and be sure to remove when turned off.

3. Use positive affimations to believe that insomnia can be cured: The Dreamate can accelerate the recovery of their sleep function.

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