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Brand:  Thought Technology GSR

Thought Technology GSR

The small, hand-held and self contained GSR 2™ is a Galvanic Skin Response monitoring device for home biofeedback. The GSR 2™ precisely monitors your stress levels by translating tiny tension-related changes in skin pores into a rising or falling tone.

The T2120 GSR Sensor kit measures minute changes in skin pore size and sweat gland activity (Galvanic Skin Response) or peripheral temperature as they relate to tension.

The GSR Temp 2X™ also includes a temperature sensor for monitoring heat levels in fingers. Stress also reduces blood flow to the hands, causing cooling. The GSR/Temp 2X™ home biofeedback system allows you to do "hand warming" biofeedback. In addition the GSR 2™ monitor, the system includes a temperature sensor, remote electrodes that attach to the hands or feet, dual-sensitivity meter, earphone, and instruction manual.

Cycles every 11 seconds to provide a breathing cycle of 5.5 breaths per minute.

Follow the brightness of the light:

Dark to full brightness: Breathe in for 3 seconds
Light blinks: Hold Breath for 1/2 second
Full Bright to dark: breathe out for 6.5 seconds
Dark: Hold breath out for 1 second

EZ-AIR LIGHT is a Breath Pacer, which both TRAINS & REMINDS YOU to breathe from your diaphragm.

EZ-AIR LIGHT an attractive stand-alone light sculpture, which guides you and your clients through resting breathing cycles, by cycling from blue to orange light.

EZ-AIR® LIGHT’s 11 second timing provides a breathing cycle of approximately 5.5 breaths/minute.

EZ-AIR® LIGHT connects to either: a PC USB port or any USB a.c. adapter (not included).

When connected to a PC, it provides three USB 2.0 PC-powered USB ports for external low powered devices. The ports function with the light ON or OFF.

You can choose: 5.5, 6 or 6.5 breaths/minute
And color: Blue on inhalation with Orange on exhalation or always Blue or Orange
Simply plug it into any USB power supply or into your PC.
For stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and general health