illumy – Smart Sleep Mask

illumy – Smart Sleep Mask
illumy – Smart Sleep Maskillumy – Smart Sleep Maskillumy – Smart Sleep Mask
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Brand:  Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis a leader in sleep therapy sound machines, white noise machines, Glo to Sleep and illumi masks, enjoy nature and sleep sounds that help users relax and drift off to sleep.
What is sound therapy?
Like any body organ, the brain responds to vibrations. Sound and music has been
proven throughout history to heal and help humans achieve improved relaxation and
sleep. Sound machines create a healthy environment by playing back nature
sounds, music and therapy sounds to:

Block out noise - for improved sleep quality & concentration
Relax - able to lower heart rate, reduce pain
Improve Sleep - relaxation encourages sleep,noise blocking
Removes noise distractions
Brainwave entrainment
Induces sleep
Tinnitus Relief - effective masker, proven for ability to retrain the brain to habituate tinnitus


Q: Can you adjust the brightness of the illumy sunset?

A: Yes. In the sunset mode, press and hold the sleep button. The red sunset will dim as you hold the button. Release your finger when you have reached your preferred sunset brightness.

Q: Will the head strap fit both large and small heads?

A: Yes, the illumy has an adjustable Velcro® strap so it comfortably fits all sizes of heads.

Q: How does the Sleep Enhancement work?

A: If you suffer from insomnia or need extra help waking up, our optional Sleep Enhancement® technology uses pulsing lights to help. At bedtime, the dimming sunset will pulse at increasingly slower Delta frequencies consistent with falling asleep, and in the morning the “blue sky” light will pulse at increasingly faster Alpha frequencies to assist with waking and alertness. You can turn this feature on or off in the illumy app.

Q: Can you only adjust the illumy settings with the illumy app on a smartphone or tablet?

A: No, you can also program your illumy using your computer by visiting this page on the Sound Oasis website: Select your illumy alarm settings, connect your illumy to the computer with the programming cable, and press the sync button.

Q: Do I need to use illumy every day?

A: Everyone is unique. Some people use the sunset every night to distract from racing thoughts and their unreasonably long to-do lists. Some people use the sunset on nights when it’s particularly difficult to fall asleep (the same way a lot of people use our nature sound machines).

Others use illumy during particular seasons of the year. December to March can be pretty dreary in the morning, and one of the best ways to overcome this sleep inertia is with illumy's sunrise.

Over time you’ll find the right combination, but we think a lot of people are going to enjoy illumy every day.

Q: Where can I download the illumy App?

A: The app can be found here :

Q: How long can I expect the battery to last?

A: If you use illumy every night, you can expect about 2 weeks of battery life. This will depend on your settings of course. Shorter sunset and sunrise settings will extend this time.

Q: illumy has a washable cover – what is the best way to wash it?

A: The electronics should not be submerged in water so the best way to wash the cover would be to follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the strap

2. Open the zipper

3. Remove the electronics module

4. Place the cover and strap in the washing machine and use a gentle wash cycle

5. Allow the cover and strap to air dry

6. Reinsert the electronics module into the cover and replace the strap – you’re all set for another great night’s sleep

The foam can also be washed with a mild detergent and warm water using a soft cloth.

Q: Does illumy come with a warranty?

A: Yes. Your sleep mask is covered by a one year replacement warranty.

Q: Do I need Bluetooth to program illumy?

A: We designed illumy to use a platform independent programming method. Your settings can be synced using most mobile phones, PCs and Mac devices. Since we use audio tones to program illumy, just about any device with a browser and sound output can be used to transfer your settings to your sleep mask. No pairing, no conflicts between multiple devices and no worries about compatibility.

Of course, the most convenient way to program your sleep mask is using the iPhone or Android App.

Q: Do I need to use the programming cable to sync my settings?

A: In many cases the programming cable is the most reliable method however phones with accurate audio reproduction from the phone’s speaker can be used to program illumy wirelessly through audible tones. Check out our YouTube video to see how it works:

Q: Will illumy help me stay asleep during the night?

A: It sure does. Illumy is designed to block out external light. If someone turns on the light during the night, you won’t even notice.

Q: I often work night shift, can I use illumy during the day?

A: illumy is ideal for night shift workers who need to sleep during the day. The red sunset helps you relax and prepare for sleep and the blue sunrise will help you get ready for that next overnighter. The alarm can be set for any time of day or night.

Q: Are there other ways I can use illumy?

A: illumy can also be used to get a boost in the afternoon. A power nap has been shown to increase productivity while exposure to blue light can boost alertness. Why not combine the two? Set a 10 minute sunrise for 30 minutes from now, put on illumy and wake up refreshed after a 30 minute nap.

  • Built-in Alarm
    • illumy contains a wake-up light alarm clock in a sleep mask. Set your alarm time with the free Android, iOS or web App and illumy will wake you up with a brightening sunrise.
  • Silent Alarm Setting
    • Choose to enable the audible chime alarm or silent alarm. The silent alarm wakes you up with a sunrise simulation that gets brighter as your alarm time approaches.
  • Custom Sunset/Sunrise length
    • Fall asleep quickly with your choice of 10 to 60 minute long sunset. Wake up to an invigorating blue enriched sunrise with a duration of 10 to 60 minutes. You may select the length in the App.
  • Sleep Enhance
    • Take advantage of our advanced Sleep Enhance feature to eliminate distracting thoughts and calm a racing mind using calming sunset pulsations
    • In the morning, Sleep Enhance presents an energizing quickening pulsing sunrise to prepare your mind for a productive day
  • Home/Away Time Setting
    • Perfect for traveling, choose your time zone before you get to your destination. illumy's internal clock will take care of time zone calculations for you. Choose the time zone of your destination and set your alarm. When you arrive, illumy will be ready to wake you up.

What's in the box:

  • illumy Sleep and Wake Mask
  • Travel Case
  • Charger
  • Micro USB Charge Cable
  • Programming Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Reply Card

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