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Product Description

25 daily doses of 100 mg Chrysin

This naturally occurring plant antioxidant is the newest addition to your sports routine! Chrysin uses include supporting reduction of free radicals and healthy balance of hormones.

Main Advantages

  • Antioxidant support
  • Reduction of oxidative stress
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Higher absorption with liposomal technology

This natural flavonoid is sourced from passion flowers. Some chrysin containing foods are honey and certain types of mushrooms. A daily 100mg dose of ActiNovo Chrysin is equal to the amount of substance naturally found in over 50kg of honey!

Athletic Advantage 

Bodybuilders and male athletes commonly turn to this supplement as a natural way to increase muscle mass. Preliminary research suggests chrysin and testosterone production are linked. Because of this benefit, chrysin supplementation and bodybuilding work hand in hand!

Hormone Maintenance 

Maintaining healthy hormone levels is essential for a healthy prostate in aging men. While research is still limited, studies indicate chrysin supplements can support maintenance of testosterone and limit excess estrogen in aging men.

Natural Antioxidant 

A primary chrysin benefit is its antioxidant capabilities. Athletes typically have higher oxidative stress in their muscles due to frequent, strenuous exercise.



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