MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ADAPTED FOR SLEEP - 2breathe patented technology grew out of RESPeRATE, the world’s only non-drug medical device cleared by the FDA for lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

2breathe is a revolutionary new smart device, that consists of a bluetooth breathing sensor and mobile phone App. The brain child of the world renowned Bio-Physicist Dr Benjamin Gavish, 2breathe utilizes guided breathing techniques to help induce sleep. The perfect marriage between ancient wisdom and modern technology. 2breathe has won the CES 2017 Innovation award for its unique solution to sleep issues.

How does 2breathe technology works?

The inability to fall and stay asleep is often caused by wondering, intrusive thoughts and stress. To quiet our racing thoughts, many leading clinicians recommend specialized deep breathing exercises, however, they are highly specific and difficult to master. 2breathe makes it easy. It induces sleep by delivering a 10 minute, personalized pre-sleep breathing session, that is proven to reduce sympathetic neural activity and help relax your mind and body towards sleep.

Every person has a unique breathing pattern. 2breathe composes real-time music based on the user’s monitored breathing pattern, slowing it down and prolonging exhalation. This personalized guiding melody is at the core of the Device Guided Breathing technology.

Other ‘sleep apps’ that guide breathing usually apply pre-recorded tones with fixed rhythm. The melody is not adaptive to the inhale-exhale ratio of the user.

This mismatch may be important for reducing pre-sleep tension, where the user has to minimize his focus on “instructions” and efforts to adapt his breathing pattern to the guiding pattern. 

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