2022 Best Value Sleep Tracker from Sleep Foundation
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Understand your sleep patterns better, improve your quality of sleep with SleepOn Go2Sleep a user friendly, no wires, ring-shaped sleep tracker.

A great way to improve your quality of sleep and life.

Go2sleep ring.Compact and sleek the 6-gram ring applies the unique design to fit your finger.

You can not feel you are wearing it whilst sleeping. The Go2Sleep the minimalist easy to set up ring that takes 3 hours to charge.

Comfortable and soft the Fingertip Holder is made of food-grade silicone to ensure a safer and more comfortable user experience. We provide three different sizes (L M S) to fit different finger sizes in each package.

To be able to see your data and keep track of your habits, you need to download the app (available on iOS and Android as well), which requires quite a few permissions, including access to location details, camera (if you want a personalized profile picture), information on other apps, phone identity and accounts.

The Go2sleep SE offers a fingertip option for those who prefer this over the ring style, it works with the same advanced software as Go2sleep.

The Steam Eye Mask a unique Spa for your Eyes. Relieve tired and stressed eyes with the help of warm and relaxing steam. Safe and convenient, simply open the pack when ready to use and slip over closed eyes. Lean back and keep eyes shut for 20 minutes before removing.

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