Vibroacoustic Therapy System

Vibroacoustic Therapy System
Vibroacoustic Therapy SystemVibroacoustic Therapy SystemVibroacoustic Therapy System
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Brand:  Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis a leader in sleep therapy sound machines, white noise machines, Glo to Sleep and illumi masks, enjoy nature and sleep sounds that help users relax and drift off to sleep.
What is sound therapy?
Like any body organ, the brain responds to vibrations. Sound and music has been
proven throughout history to heal and help humans achieve improved relaxation and
sleep. Sound machines create a healthy environment by playing back nature
sounds, music and therapy sounds to:

Block out noise - for improved sleep quality & concentration
Relax - able to lower heart rate, reduce pain
Improve Sleep - relaxation encourages sleep,noise blocking
Removes noise distractions
Brainwave entrainment
Induces sleep
Tinnitus Relief - effective masker, proven for ability to retrain the brain to habituate tinnitus

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Proven to help you sleep, relax and renew The Sound Oasis VTS-1000 Vibroacoustic Therapy System uses clinically proven, doctor-developed sounds and vibration that may help you relax, renew your body and prepare you for sleep - naturally! Vibroacoustic therapy systems, costing several thousands of dollars, have been successfully used in hospitals and clinics around the world. Now you can enjoy this same therapeutic technology at a fraction of the price. Sound therapy provides soothing music with clinically proven brainwave entrainment for effective stress reduction and relaxation. Features & Benefits The Sound Oasis VTS-1000 is a revolutionary healthcare appliance that combines low-frequency vibrations with sound therapy to stimulate body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation. 60 minutes of doctor-developed therapeutic sound Comes with 12 therapeutic soundtracks 2 high-quality stereo audio speakers Features low-frequency generator #1 rated sound quality Backlit remote control Audio-in jack allows you to use any sound source (e.g. iPod, iPhone, MP3, CD player etc.) for sound Outlet powered for uninterrupted use

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic therapy is the use of low-frequency vibrations to stimulate body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation and healing. With this Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System, we include sound therapy that provides soothing music and clinically proven brainwave entrainment for additional stress reduction and relaxation. The cells in your body respond to vibrations that they feel.

Why is Vibroacoustic Therapy so effective?

  • Sound penetrates to muscles and joints - far deeper than traditional massage.
  • Music is therapeutic and proven to reduce stress.
  • Vibroacoustic therapy may align your body's energy channels.
  • Vibroacoustic therapy may increase circulation, relax muscles and feel good.

For comparison purposes, ultrasound is a well-known and accepted sound technology for viewing tissue inside a body and it operates at 20 kHz + (please see graph below).

Frequency Graph

Vibroacoustic Therapy frequencies correspond to key brainwave activities.

Vibroacoustic Therapy functions at 20 Hz to 100 Hz, the same frequency range that the body’s energy channels operate at. We can bring these energy channels into healthy alignment with Vibroacoustic Therapy.


The VTS-1000 includes 60 minutes of doctor developed music broken down into four different therapy themes - Energize, Relax, 51eep and 5tress Relief - with three sound track selections for each theme.

Brainwave Entrainment:

Each therapy track is embedded with specific frequencies that coax the brain into different therapeutic states. These include careful temporal event control (the number of sounds striking the ear per second) and binaural pitch detunement (slightly different pitch in each ear) resulting in a brainwave response to support sleep (with delta frequency), stress relief (with theta frequency), relaxation (with alpha frequency) and energizing (with low beta frequency).

Vibroacoustic Stimulation:

Low frequency sounds specifically included in each sound track provide vibrotactile stimulation to the body at the cellular level encouraging increased circulation, decreased pain and increased joint mobility. Because vibration increases blood flow and circulation while it relaxes, it may also decrease blood pressure.

Brain Stimulant:

The VTS-1000 can be an effective tool to stimulate healthy neural activity in the brain thereby reducing risk or impact of various neural diseases.

Clinically Proven Benefits:

Vibroacoustic research

Sound Frequency Applications:

  • 88 Hz: Migraine relief
  • 40-68 Hz: Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • 68 Hz: Reduces neck and shoulder pain
  • 50 Hz Dislodges lung secretions
  • 52 Hz: Reduces lower back pain
  • 40 Hz: Lowers blood pressure and relieves symptoms of many ailments
  • 27 - 38 Hz: Insomnia relief

Features of a Healthy Brain

1. The healthy brain has constant rhythmic brainwaves that result from neurons firing together at specific rates. Brainwaves are measured in pulses per second known as Hertz (Hz). During deep sleep brainwaves are synchronized at a slow rate around 2 or 3 Hz (delta brainwaves). In an awake and very relaxed and unstressed state the dominant brainwaves pulse 8 to 10Hz (alpha brain waves). Functions like consciousness, attention, and memory involve brainwaves pulsing 30-50 Hz (gamma brainwaves). 2. Healthy neural connections or circuits between parts of the brain. The healthy brain consists of many connections or circuits between essential components. For example, the motor circuit controls movement and to do so the brain must have healthy connections between the frontal lobe, the motor cortex, the cerebellum, and the basal ganglia. Among the many circuits are the memory circuits, the cognitive, the mood/limbic, the auditory, the motivation, and the reward circuits. How the VTS-1000 Helps Maintain a Healthy Brain because the VTS-1000 is very good at turning low frequency sound into a vibration that can be felt all over the back as well as heard with the ears, specific frequencies that correspond to healthy brain activity can be played and used to stimulate the brain. This brain stimulation results from the cells in the ears and in the body"feeling the pulses of vibration and responding with each pulse by sending a neural signal to the brain. 50 if the sound pulse is 40Hz - or 40 pulses per second - the brain cells will be stimulated to fire 40 times a second - at what is called gamma frequency. This stimulation increases the number of brain cells firing at the target rate resulting in a natural support to the desired healthy brain state.

Developed in Conjunction with

Dr. Lee Bartel

World-Renowned Sleep Expert

Dr. Bartel is a Professor of Music at the University of Toronto and Director of the Canadian Music Education Research Centre. His involvement in research in music and medicine includes rehabilitation of attention deficits, audiology and stress management.

Dr. Bartel is the scientific designer of the internationally best-selling Music for Youth Health series of recordings on the SOlitudes label as well as the SonicAid series with Somerset Entertainment. Dr. Bartel's gold and platinum album work has achieved several Juno Award nominations.